Ham's Fork

The Hams Fork headwaters originate at less than 10,000 feet. From the headwaters, the first 16 miles of the river lie on National Forest lands. Then the river flows thru private lands, but some access is available on tailwaters south of Viva Naughton and Kemmerer Reservoirs. Respect the rules when fishing the easement land. Be sure to pick up a current Wyoming fishing regulations book, or check locally for regs.

We have listed 3 access points for you here.

You can find stream flow information on ourreports page. There's a link to a hatch chart on our Hatch Charts page


  • Fish: B, Br, R, C, MW for Browns, Brookies, Rainbows, Cutthroats, Mountain Whitefish
  • Facilities: T, Campfor Toilets, Camping

Bridger-Teton National Forest

  • Headwaters are reached by trail; you can drive for about 7 miles alongside the river; road access ends about 1 mile past the Hams Fork Campground
  • Fish:R, B, Br; maybe Cutts
  • Facilities:  Camp

Viva Naughton Reservoir

  • Go north from Kemmerer on WY233 for about 14.5 miles; parking near the highway
  • Tailwater access
  • Fish: B, R
  • Facilities:  Parking


  • Go north from Kemmerer on WY233 for about 6 miles; follow access signed by WG&F (this is south of Kemmerer Reservoir)
  • Go to map provided by WY Game&Fish
  • Over 4 miles of river access
  • Fish: B, R
  • Facilities: Parking